Buy Jumper Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer In USA.

Jumper Digital Thermometer

Jumper Digital Thermometer (Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer):

Jumper Digital Thermometer : Non-touch dimension,no pass infection. Easy-to-use layout takes an correct temperature analyzing in a 2d. Provide  temperature modes ℃ and ℉. Three checking out modes to degree the frame temperature, surroundings temperature, and different item temperature. Backlight LCD display. Adjustable fever level, fever alarm may be became On/Off. Temperature calibration feature. Memory recollects final 20 temperature readings. Good for all ages. Measurement range: frame temperature:32.0℃~42.2℃ item temperature:0.0℃~100.0℃. A non-touch, non-invasive Jumper Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer that offers correct readings for smooth and short dimension of frame temperature. The Jumper JPD-FR200 makes use of Infrared generation and is able to storing 20 units of dimension statistics. It has  temperature modes Degrees Fahrenheit/Degrees Celsius and a integrated fever alarm. Lightweight, transportable and really smooth to use. For the speedy and correct detection of frame temperature, the Jumper Digital Thermometer employs infrared generation to degree the frame temperature in seconds.


– Weight: 0.15kg

– Colour: White & Blue

– Material: PVC Plastic

– Dimensions: five x 15 x 10cm

– Gender: Unisex

– Age Group: 0+ Months

– Warranty: 12 MonthsPackage weight: 0.188 kg

Package size (L x W x H): 17.00 x 7.20 x five.50 cm / 6.sixty nine x 2.eighty three x 2.17 inches

Package Contents: 1 x Forehead Thermometer, 1 x English User Manual, 1 x Bag, 2 x Battery

The Jumper Digital Thermometer Dual Mode Thermometer permits the fast detection of frame temperature from 2 modes – Forehead & Ear

– The temperature readings are received inside 1 2d of using the device

– The Jumper Infrared Digital Thermometer has a fever alarm feature for temperature test

– It is a non touch thermometer

– The IR thermometer permits you to choose Adult or Child mode consistent with dimension need

– The twin mode thermometer is able to storing up to twenty units of dimension readings

– The Infrared virtual thermometer has a bi-color backlit LCD display

– The thermometer shuts down inside 10 seconds whilst now no longer in use

– Jumper Digital Thermometer are used to degree fever in people or inform you how bloodless it’s far outside. Made up of thermo (heat) and meter (measuring device), the that means of the phrase thermometer is straightforward. Thermometers degree temperatures in degrees, consistent with both the Celsius or Fahrenheit system.

– The Infrared thermometer comes with 12 months of manufacturer’s warranty

– Digital thermometers are temperature-sensing gadgets which might be without difficulty transportable, have everlasting probes, and is ready with a handy virtual display. The manner a virtual thermometer works relies upon upon its sort of sensor. Sensor kinds encompass resistance temperature detector (RTD), thermocouple and thermistor.

– One can use any thermometer, with mouth open, placed the give up with the red, blue, or silver-colored tip below your tongue. Close your lips lightly across the thermometer. Do now no longer chunk the glass thermometer.

– Cleaning of the Jumper Digital Thermometer is likewise crucial. It’s crucial to easy the thermometer after every use, however the way you easy it relies upon on what sort of thermometer you have. For glass thermometers, wash it with cleaning soap and funky water, then rinse and dry. For virtual thermometer you could wipe it with a material soaked in alcohol or water. Allow it to air dry.


  • Quick and Easy: Display temperature analyzing in 1 2d
  • Reliable and Accurate: Clinically examined and verified to be dependable and correct whilst used according with running commands. Take the wager training session of figuring out your kid’s temperature
  • Readings Retrieval: Can keep and take into account up to twenty readings, Display analyzing in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Professional Medical Equipment: It is usually recommended thermometer with the aid of using docs and pediatricians
  • Safe and Hygienic: Compared to mercury thermometer, there may be no hazard of breaking the glass or swallowing mercury
  • Extensive Clinical Data of Hospitals: The guide of hospitals, expert health workers and massive scientific statistics guarantees the best scientific verification of our products


  • Please hold this infrared thermometer out of kid’s reach
  • Medical help cannot get replaced with the aid of using using infrared thermometer
  • The infrared thermometer isn’t always waterproof! Keep it farfar from water

Technical Parameters :

  • Rapid temperature dimension
  • Measuring frame temperature with out touching pores and skin
  • Auditory and visible fever warning
  • Only one button operation
  • Easy to study backlight display
  • Automatic off after 60 seconds
  • Reads in Fahrenheit and Celsius modes on your convenience
  • Clinically examined to be secure for new-born for brow mode
  • Only use the ear mode for toddlers above three months old
  • Once the toddler thermometer detects excessive temperature it’ll deliver an alarm
  • Clinically examined and calibrated for regular consequences each time
  • Thermometer can keep and take into account up to twenty readings for toddler and adults, to be had that will help you tune frame temperature trend

Directions For Use :

  • To test Forehead Thermometer :
  • Turn On the thermometer
  • Press “Mode” button to select head mode
  • Point the thermometer on the centre of the brow approximately 1-three cm farfar from the pores and skin surface
  • Press and launch degree button
  • The brow temperature may be displayed at the display in 1 2d
  • To Check Object temperature :
  • Turn On the thermometer
  • Press “Mode” button to select item mode
  • Point the temperature probe with the item with the space of 1-three cm in among
  • Press the degree button to take the dimension
  • The temperature may be displayed at the display

Tips For Correct Measurement :

  • Always begin with a easy probe and sensor to preserve accuracy and hygiene
  • Make certain that each person and thermometer have stayed in steady-country room conditioning for atleast 30 minutes. Recent publicity to warm or bloodless temperatures will effect your analyzing
  • If taking a couple of readings, it’s far counseled to attend atleast 10 seconds among readings. The Jumper Digital Thermometer could be very touchy to small adjustments in temperature. Repeated use with out a pause may also effect your analyzing
  • Before taking eardrum dimension, make certain that the ear canal is loose from obstructions or extra earwax build-up
  • Before taking brow dimension, wipe off sweat, oil from the pores and skin
  • As with any thermometer, right method is crucial to acquiring correct measurements. Failure to observe commands will bring about erroneous dimension
  • Normal frame temperature is a variety and varies with the aid of using site. Therefore, measurements from brow and eardrum have to now no longer be in comparison directly

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